Mask O' The Month: Hangover Helper

Oh, dear. The morning after. While I'm not one for late night partying (anymore), I understand that there are some times that things get a little too festive. If you had a little too much green beer last night, here is some help.

I will keep the instructions short and, more importantly, at a whisper...

Go to your kitchen right now and grab:

A potato (raw) leftover from last night's dinner
Apple cider vinegar (raw if you have it)
A small bowl
A glass
A fine grater (like the kind you would use to grate Parmesan cheese).

Congratulations! You are now ready for this 5 step program!

The potato juice and honey used in the mask treatment will tighten and refresh a puffy, partied-too-late face (even for you designated drivers who stayed 'til the bitter end to cart everyone else's drunk asses home - blessings to you!).

The beverage, known as "switchel", has historically been used as a drink to keep workers hydrated when working long, hot days in the hayfields. It will help to rehydrate your body and get you back to work :)
  1. Cut two eye-sized slices off of a small potato. Grate the rest of the potato into a bowl. Squeeze out the juice, add a squirt of honey and apply to freshly scrubbed skin with a cotton ball, making sure to also include your eye area. Without getting it into your eye, obviously. Oh, good! Your eyes are at least open. This is a good start!
  2. Grab a glass and fill it 1/4 full with honey, 1/4 more of raw apple cider vinegar and fill the rest with cool, pure water (you can also vary the amounts to taste - just go easy on the vinegar - trust me).
  3. Place the two slices of potato over your eyelids and SLOWLY sip the switchel mixture while resting.
  4. Rest for 20 minutes, then rinse of the potato mask with cool water, following with toner and a good, hydrating moisturizer to help with the dehydration your skin is likely experiencing (along with the rest of you).
  5. Go back to bed.
While there is not much I can do to help you with the other stuff you did last night, I still won't tell anyone. Pinky promise. ;)

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