Tell Me About YOU!

I know there are a lot of really wonderful folks that read this blog, some who I know personally and others I have never had the pleasure to meet. I'd love to hear more about you! Do you have an interesting business that you run that you'd like everyone to hear about? An interesting hobby? Or something happening in your world that you would like to share?

Please leave a comment and tell us about yourself! Don't be shy! :)

Wishing a safe and happy 4th of July weekend to those of you in the US! And a happy summertime weekend to others!


  1. Hi Camille! Happy 4th!!
    Well my name is Melissa and I am a single mom from Astoria, NY. My son is 6 and my life. I work full time out of the home (which pays the bills) while I work on my other baby, Naturally Good Soaps, LLC. NGS is an online bath and body company where I use only natural ingredients, skin loving but also friendly to your wallet. I have been enjoying your blog and wish you continued success!

  2. Hi, Melissa! It is so nice to meet you! Your company sounds awesome! I just checked out your site and signed up for your blog. I can see we definitely have similar interests :) It is so great to hear about other moms out there succeeding at what they have a passion for. It's not easy juggling it all, but it is so worth it. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I truly appreciate it. Blessings to you and I look forward to keeping in touch with what you are doing!

  3. Hi There: I have just stumbled across your blog via The Herb Companion online.

    I have a day job that pays the bills and my husband and I also have a small scale orchard we run.

    I am becoming more and more interested in herbs and what I can grow and use for purposes other than culinary!

  4. Hi, Allison! Glad you came across my blog :) I just found your blog and absolutely love it! Your orchard looks amazing! The world of herbs is so fascinating and I'm so happy to meet people that share an interest in them and how they can become part of our lives. I look forward to hearing more about life on your orchard!