Dr. Bronner's Lake Michigan Foot Scrub

This past weekend we took our daughters on their first backwoods hiking/camping trip at Nordhouse Dunes on the western shore of Michigan, right on Lake Michigan. It is an otherworldly area of Michigan with tall, rolling sand dunes that always remind me of a scene out of Star Wars.

My husband and I used to camp here every summer BK (before kids). This was our first visit back since our daughters were born and it is just as beautiful as ever. We had a magical weekend, complete with sun, a secluded, wooded spot just steps from the sandy beach and a visit from a bald eagle that flew right overhead, close enough for us to hear its majestic wings flapping.

When I was out at the lake scrubbing our camp dishes clean with a mix of our trusty Peppermint Doctor Bronner's Castille Soap mixed with beach sand, I said a prayer of thanks for all of Dr. B's many uses. Shampoo, body wash, deodorant and toothpaste, to name a few. He's always been there for us in our many outdoor adventures, keeping our packs lighter with his multitasking goodness. Then I had an idea...

How would this soap/sand mix work on my worn out, funky hiking feet?

So I mixed a bit together and scrubbed my feet like crazy, followed by a rinse in the cool Lake Michigan water. The result? Smooth, clean, cool, tingly, happy feet!

Do you use Dr. Bronner's soap (or other castille soap)? What is your favorite way to use it?

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