Mask of the Month: Witches' Brew

The Fall treats are abundant in our house – roasted pumpkin seeds, Michigan cider, grape juice fresh pressed from the farm across the street, donuts. YUM! With all this autumnal loveliness, I thought it would be fun to whip these goodies up into a spooky skin treatment.

I'm not sure about the donuts, though. I think I will just eat those :)

The ingredients are as good for your skin as they are tasty. The cider and grape juice, with their natural fruit acids, help to naturally smooth and exfoliate your skin’s surface. The addition of the pumpkin seeds provides an extra exfoliating element, while the honey and olive oil add a boost of moisture to surface-dry Fall skin.

What more could a witch ask for?

Witches' Brew

1T pumpkin seeds (shells removed)

1t apple cider

1t grape juice

1t honey

1t olive oil

Grind the pumpkin seeds until they look like this and feel almost like flour.
  1. Grind pumpkin seeds in a clean coffee grinder until they are finely ground (almost the consistency of flour).
  2. In a small bowl (cauldron?), mix the ground seeds, cider, grape juice, honey and olive oil.
  3. Apply the mask to freshly cleansed skin and leave on for 5-10 minutes.
  4. GENTLY exfoliate in a circular motion with wet witchy fingertips for 1 minute.
  5. Rinse the mask off with lukewarm water and follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer.
You can also use this the same way as a nourishing and softening hand treatment!

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