My Herby Valentine (Part I): Elixirs of Love

The season of wine and roses is upon us! This is the first of a 3 part post on some of my favorite fun and frisky Valentine's finds, from herbal love potions to decadent body care recipes.

I figured with the first post, I'd just cut to the chase. Sure Valentine's Day is about hearts and lace and flowers, but when you get right down to it, it's all about the lovin'!

Throughout time people have been fascinated with magical potions designed to win the heart of a beloved. Many herbs and plants have been used for ages in different preparations for the very purpose of arousing passion: damiana, ginseng, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa to name a few.

Searching, searching for the magical Love Potion #9...

But do elixirs of love really exist today? Sure they do! Grab one of these real live love potions and see for yourself. :)

CoreyPine Shane's Love Potion, Hot Blend

I picked up this saucy, handmade tincture when I was at the Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference this past September. Herbalist CoreyPine Shane laces it with damiana, ginseng, vanilla, cinnamon, muira puama and raw honey for a warming and relaxing herbal aphrodisiac treat. Does it work? Let's just say it is now a staple in our house. Ahem...moving on...

CoreyPine also has another delightful heart-centered love potion containing damiana, rose, vanilla, lavender and rosewater for you romantics out there. :)

Humbolt Herbals Love Potion No. 9

This sweet smelling blend is described as a "stimulating blend full of spice and vigor" and can be used as a tea or a mulling blend for wine (it goes nicely mulled with a Cabernet). It is blended with delightful herbs such as muira puama, cinnamon, shatavari, cardamom and roses.

Herbal Revolution Chocolate Love Elixir

A lovely find on Poppy Swap! While I have not personally tried this elixir, it is loaded with yummies like vanilla bean, organic cocoa powder, organic strawberry extract and natural rosewater. Add that to the damiana, ginseng and ginger and it sounds like a recipe for love to me! Herbal Revolution suggests taking this straight, in a tea or cocktail, on ice cream or on your partner! YOWZA!

Kings Road Apothecary C'mere Baby

Another Poppy Swap find (LOVE them)! This potion is described as "an aphrodisiac potion to inspire fits of wanton lust!" Um...yes, please! This medicinal blend is loaded with chocolate, vanilla, rose, ashwaghanda, cordyceps and cinnamon. You had me at "wanton lust!"

Hope this adds a little spicy fun to kick off your Valentine's Day! Do you have any secret love potions?

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