Happy 2014 & True Confessions of a Naughty Skin Care Therapist

Happy New Year, dear friends! I hope your holiday was full of joy, love and sweetness of life! I'd love to hear how you spent your holiday season.

This is how we show you where we are in Michigan.

I am back to work and back to blogging after a wonderfully relaxing 17-day winter break. The holidays mark the only time of year that my family is able to be together for a longer stretch of time than just a weekend. This year we decided to maximize the chill-out factor by escaping to our family cabin in Northern Michigan ("Up Norf"), which is one of the most calming and beautiful places on the planet. 

A view of the pines from the cabin in late October.
Why not a snowy pic from this holiday vacation?
Because I was far too lazy.

The cabin backs up to state forest with vast stretches of pine, a myriad of plant friends and tons of wildlife. Even though the snow and chilly temps kept most of the critters in hiding (including us!), we were able to watch the squirrels and birds play and hunt for deer and elk tracks in the deep snow. We also played countless games of Monopoly, UNO, and Pictionary with the kids, assembled puzzles with my mom, crafted with paper and fabric, loomed bracelets and re-watched as many Harry Potters that we could before our eyes went blurry.

But, mostly, I spent this vacation being very, very naughty.

Remember back in November when we were all completing the Healthy Skin Care Challenge? Remember all of the "DOs" and "DONTs" that we diligently worked to incorporate into our lives? Well, for the past two weeks, I DID all of the DONTs and none of the DOs.

This holiday was sponsored by wine, cheese and carbs. I stayed up late, drank coffee each morning like my life depended on it, devoured pie and Amish coffee cake (this area of Michigan is known for its amazing Amish community bakeries), sat on my butt and went to bed nearly every night without even waving a washcloth at my face.

And it felt good. Reaaaaallly good.

Well, at least at the time. Now, I am paying for it with a lovely post-holiday breakout and dryness, dark circles under my eyes from inadequate hydration and about 5 extra pounds.

Do I feel guilty? No way!!! We are born into this world human and part of living this crazy life is to indulge from time-to-time. For many of us, the past few weeks is that time. Celebrating the holidays with friends and family is a priceless gift. Live it and enjoy it to the fullest, while balancing it with a healthy lifestyle year-round.

So, tomorrow the kids are supposed to go back to school (although we are expecting a foot of snow and low, low temps, so odds are another snow day - or a few!). But tomorrow, I am ready to return to our regular, healthy, daily routine and breathing a little sigh of relief that the holidays only come once a year.

So, want to join me in rebooting for the New Year?

My friends at A.Vogel, a well-known herbal remedies company in the UK, have invited me to take part in their Fourteen Day Detox that starts, tomorrow, January 6 and I would love for you to join me! (See my review of some wonderful A. Vogel skin care products HERE)

This will be us after the 14 days! Yippee!

Now, don't worry, this isn't some crazy, intense starvation cleanse - it is a sensible, balanced plan to help folks get back on track by supporting healthy digestion, increasing hydration, boosting intake of nourishing foods (including nice, warm, comforting foods for winter) and getting your body moving. 

The program is free and includes daily email support, including healthy meal ideas and recipes, as well as expert tips, advice and support. Although, they have herbal products to assist in your detox progress, they are not required and you can take as little or as much from the plan that works for you.

You can sign up for the plan straight away HERE! I would love for you to join me on this journey into the new year! We can all be here to support each other. :)

May this year be full of love and happiness - and a little indulgence, here and there!

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