I Tried It: ADAMA Purify Glacial Mud Mask

I recently had the pleasure of trying a selection of products from ADAMA - a body care line crafted with 100% Calcium Montmorillonite clay blended with herbal extracts, essential oils, butters and other loveliness. Their extensive line of products with unique formulas captured my attention and after experiencing the products first-hand - I am loving them!

My very, very favorite product is their ADAMA Purify Glacial Mud Mask. I have used many, many clay/mud masks on myself and clients over the years and this one is spectacular. In addition to sustainably harvested, mineral-rich glacial marine clay, this firming and exfoliating mask is also created with skin-soothing and protecting ingredients like comfrey, chamomile, calendula and sea kelp.

Wanting to really put this product to the test, I took it with me on a girlfriend's weekend to Northern Michigan with a group of my best buds since 4th grade. After a stunning fall day of driving the shore of the Traverse City Bay and visiting Pond Hill Farmwe snuggled down in our cozy rental for a little old-fashioned girl's night - PJs, wine and a little spa time.

Girl's night with my goofy forever friends.
The ADAMA mask is formulated for all skin types, which was great since the four of us each have very different skin, ranging from oily to dry and hormonal/acne prone. After a gentle cleanse, we each applied the mask generously. It applies gorgeously, gliding over skin. And unlike other clay masks on the market, this mask offered deep cleansing benefits without being drying or irritating. Our faces were left soft, smooth, glowing and balanced. I still noticed the benefits to my skin even days later. This one is a keeper!

In addition to this mask, there were two other products that I fell in love with from the ADAMA product line. Ancient Clay Repair - a nutrient rich clay treatment cream for irritated skin containing oregano, tea tree and eucalyptus oil - quickly healed an angry mosquito bite on one daughter, itchy skin on the other and razor burn on myself. White Coconut Body Butter - blended with coconut extract, shea and cocoa butters and mongongo oil - smells insanely delicious and keeps skin soft and protected for hours with just one application.

In addition to being created with mineral-rich clay, ADAMA products are also vegan, paraben/sulfate/gluten free. Looking forward to trying more!

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