CHANGE IS NOW: An Exciting Announcement from Autumn Moon

For many I know, the theme of 2014 was profound change. Moves. Deaths. Divorce. Sure this stuff happens every year, but, this year it just felt, well, different. Like we are all moving forward, closer and faster, to where we are supposed to be in our lives and as a group. 

2014 was messy. It was ugly. But one thing I felt that was really different this year is that we did it together. And with a new sense of kindness. We carried each other when we couldn't do it on our own. And sometimes, we were carried by people we barely knew. 

Perhaps it is social media, binding us all closer together and giving glimpses into each other's lives that normally would never be revealed, prompting support that would have never taken place in the dark? Not sure. But, despite the negativity and chaos of the headlines each day, I choose to look in another direction. I think the energy of now is moving in a positive way to one of community and sharing and support of fellow man. And that is cool.

2014 was a year of big change for me, personally, with a very emotional move and scary health challenges for loved ones. Everything stopped in its tracks - my business, my energy, my focus. 

But, it was also the kind of change that, eventually, kicked my arse into line, pushing me forward again into a new creative direction. This change was intent on birthing something positive into the world for others to enjoy. I listened to the voices inside, as well as the cheerleaders by my side (of which there are many and I am grateful to you all). I had a HUGE realization that - the perfect time is NOW. Duh. 

We fool ourselves a lot into thinking that we will make changes when the time is right - when there is more money, more time, more whatever. But really, that time is NOW. 

For me and for you.

So with that, I am very excited to announce that I have opened a new Autumn Moon online etsy boutique! This will replace my previous Poppyswap store and will have items added regularly in rhythm with the seasons, inspiration and alchemy that may occur during this journey.

But, that's not all! 

I am also offering two botanical body care memberships to bring glamour to your doorstep.

Some of you may remember :::THE PAINTED POUT::: - the 3-month handcrafted lip treat membership that I offered last summer. That was so much fun, that I have brought THE PAINTED POUT back to add allure to your lips and some sass to your step. Membership pricing remains the same as before at $49 for 3 shipments. 

For those looking for even more luxurious pampering, I am now offering the :::PLANT GLAMOUR BEAUTY BOX::: - a 3 OR 6 Month handcrafted botanical luxuries membership.

Membership (normally $117 for 3 months and $210 for 6 months) includes a monthly themed body-care box containing 3 (or more) products crafted from the finest ingredients, including plants from our family farm and from the fields and forests of Michigan. A unique experience to honor yourself and take treasured time to care for your body with 100% natural products.

Surprises in your PLANT GLAMOUR box could include:

- A luxurious botanical body butter
- A skin-smoothing body scrub
- An "at-home" facial kit
- A botanical perfume
- A handcrafted, natural lip color
- An aromatic facial mist
- A regenerating, anti-aging facial oil
- A floral facial steam
- A scented bath milk
- A natural cosmetic kit (shadow, blush and lip color)
- A renewing eye serum

To celebrate these new memberships with you, I am offering 10% off subscriptions to THE PAINTED POUT and the PLANT GLAMOUR BEAUTY BOX from now through January 15 in my etsy boutique! Simply use the coupon code: MEMBERSHIP10 at checkout.

Click on the icons below to be taken to the ordering page for each membership:



I am feeling very aligned with this new boutique and this new direction and I hope that you will join me in a membership and take sacred time for yourself. Let this new year of change be a luxurious one full of loving self-care. 

Botanical Blessings and much love to you all!

- Camille

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