D.K. Brainard and his Healing Words

It is funny how people come into our lives. While it can seem random and insignificant, I like to believe that it is all part of the plan, the path that our lives are supposed to take at that moment in time. There have been key people I have met along the road that have impacted me in ways that have touched me so deeply and forever changed me.
D.K. Brainard is one of those people.
I first met D.K., astrologer and hypnotherapist, in October of 2008, while attending the Maria Shaw Convention, a metaphysical fair, in Midland with my mother. It had been just shortly over a year since my brother, Vince, had been killed by a drunk driver while on his motorcycle. He was run over and drug underneath the car for over 100 feet, suffering severe trauma to his chest and nearly every bone in his body broken. He fought for his life for almost six hours, before crossing over with my mother, brother, Elliot, and I holding him.
In the months following, we grieved while also going through the process of the court trial to convict the man who had killed him, which compounded the grief even further, as we had to relive the accident over again in court. Thankfully, almost a year after the accident, the driver was convicted of 2nd Degree Murder and sent to prison for life. It marked the end of the prolonged trauma to our hearts and family and marked the beginning of our healing.
I didn't really want to attend the event. At that time, I didn't really want to even leave the house, but I needed a break and I needed to spend some time with my mother, who was destroyed and trying to find some answers as to why this had happened to her son. We woke up early to attend a few of the lecture-style classes, but decided to swing into the main room first to check it out.
That is when I first saw D.K., striking, towering over everyone and the only guy in a room full of estrogen laden women. He sat down at his table and removed the blue bandanna he had tied around his head.
And that's when I got the message, loud and clear. At that moment, he looked so much like my brother, that I knew we were both in that room for a reason.
I reluctantly walked up to his table. I was feeling pretty antisocial at the time and the last thing I wanted to do was talk to a stranger. But the energy surrounding this moment was so powerful, I had to do it. So I walked up to him, hair disheveled and pulled back in a headband, an old "grandma" style sweater coat, no makeup and bags under my eyes. Looking and feeling like the last year had added 30, with a wound in my heart so big, I'm surprised it could still beat.
I sat down for a 15 minute reading. After talking with him for a few moments, I was immediately put at ease. I felt like I had known him forever. He looked at my chart, which clearly showed the trauma as well as some positive stuff ahead. He recommended that I read Journey of Souls, a book that changed my perspective on life and death. He also suggested that I listen closely for messages from my brother, something that I was blocking at the time, because it was too painful. He also told me that I needed to get outside of my box (hmmm, ya think!) - to do something crazy to jump start my healing process and get myself out of the funk I was in, something like dye my hair. Huh???
That following week I dyed my hair red and the healing began.
I followed D.K.s weekly horoscopes and blog posts for the months that followed, finding inspiration in his predictions and comfort in the stories he shared from his own life. Stories of how his own healing process unfolded after hitting rock bottom, without glossing anything over. Just real, honest, raw words.
Over time, through correspondence and taking one of D.K.s workshops, we formed a friendship that I am grateful for. He is a continual source of inspiration, guidance and positive energy and a blessing in my life. D.K. has an amazing healing gift to share with us all.
Our words are powerful. It was these simple words from a stranger that began to lift me from the darkest place I have ever been. It is hard for me to look back at that place, but it serves as a way to remind myself just how far I have come. I am thankful for meeting D.K. and I'm certain that my brother lead me to him.
Check out D.K.s website for free weekly horoscopes, workshops and a new service he just launched that offers downloadable guided meditations and expanded horoscopes. You'll be glad ya did...


  1. Camille, I am sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks. This is beautiful. I am looking into Journey of Souls as soon as I type this period.

  2. Thank you so much for reading, Jennifer! I had the same tears when I wrote this. This was a tough one to write, especially since my stuff is usually not this heavy. But it sure felt good to get this one out! You can borrow my copy of Journey of Souls. It is a little out of the box and may not fit into certain beliefs, but it is fascinating, especially if you are a beleiver that souls never die - they just move on. What it did confirm for me, personally, is that God (or the Universe, or however it is best expressed for each individual) has a plan for us and our souls go exactly where they are supposed to, when they are supposed to, not only after death, but to begin life.