VaJayJay Talk (Part II): Does the Carpet Match the Drapes?

I must confess, the answer here is "No," thanks to Betty Beauty's Bikini Hair Dye Kit. Betty has a variety of 7 different "colors" for the hair down there" to help cover grays, match your hair up top or to just have a little fun - great for Valentine's Day!

The product is super simple to mix and apply. It even has a nice fragrance, which most hair dyes don't. I chose the Sexy Betty, which is a lilac shade, but other fun colors include Fun Betty (hot pink) and Malibu Betty (blue). The application is a two-step process of bleaching, then adding the color, so set aside about an hour to do both steps and don't plan on moving around much. Grab a good book and relax!

Betty products are formulated to be non-irritating (there was no burning or stinging at all) and contain natural ingredients such as elderflower, cherry bark, chamomile, comfrey, rosemary and aloe. They also DO NOT contain ammonia or parabens and one package can get you up to two applications.

Bettyalso offers Charmcils, which are stick on stencils to assist you in shaping your bush into fun shapes like a flower, peace sign or butterfly (see the previous VaJayJay Talk: Trimming the Bush for more hair removal info). Although, if you are crafty you could easily create these yourself with cardboard and doublesided tape (hmmm...this may be another future VaJayJay Talk post...).

As a super-fun touch, the contents of the package even include a temporary tattoo that reads "My Betty is Ready!" so you can announce it to the world, or just that special someone ;)


  1. Tee hee! Glad you thought so! This is intended to be fun and lighthearted!