I Tried It: A. Vogel Echinacea Creme and Atrogel Arnica Gel

A few weeks ago I received a package marked 'Royal Mail'. If that didn’t make me giddy enough, inside were two lovely products from the fine folks at A. Vogel in the UK – their Echinacea Crème and Atrogel Arnica Gel.

Well, of course, I could not wait to give them a try and share my experience with you! And here is what I thought…

This product could not have arrived at my doorstep at a more urgently needed time. With the strange changes in weather we have had here in Michigan – cold to warm to cold – my skin was having an identity crisis, which lead to a wicked rosacea flareup and a string of breakouts, mainly on my nose and jawline. Lovely. (Even skin care therapists have skin issues, too!)

I have never used an Echinacea preparation as a skin care solution for my easily irritated skin (although I do rely on it heavily for the cold season), so I was particularly intrigued to try it.

So I immediately replaced my regular moisturizer with the crème, used twice daily following a simple cleanser, and I have to say, I had wonderful results! Within two days, my skin was much less inflammatory and felt consistently soothed and protected. My rosacea flareup was calming markedly and my skin, overall, felt on its way to being back in balance.

What I especially loved is that the crème did all of this without any irritation or dryness. The action of the crème was very gentle. It went on very smooth and with a matte finish – not heavy or greasy at all, which is welcome by this oily skinned gal. There are also no unnecessary ingredients (dyes or fragrances) in this creme, so the focus is on treating the skin with the actual extracts (Echinacea and Wild Pansy). Nice!

I will surely keep this crème in mind as a treatment for periodic skin freakouts and I am eager to try it on some of my clients with sensitive and/or fussy to see how it works for them.

I have used arnica oil before, but never arnica in a gel preparation, so I was excited to give Atrogel a try. When it arrived, no one in the house was injured, but I knew that would change quickly with two little ones!

Sure enough, the next day, my oldest daughter came home from school beaming that she had bruises from the playground on her legs and proud that she would be the first test subject for the gel! I used it on her for four nights straight on a single bruise with marked improvement each day. I left the other bruises alone to see how they would fare. There was definitely a difference on the rate of improvement with the treated bruise compared to the others. And, again, with this product, minimal ingredients allowing the arnica to be the focus of the product.

Boo Boo Day #2. Lookin' better!!!
While we have yet to have another injury (bruising, muscle aches or the like), there is always the likelihood, as I am clumsy as they come and my husband is always banging and bruising himself working on the house or car! I'm sure we will be using Atrogel for something sometime soon!

I am really happy with these two A. Vogel products. They are also grown using organic, sustainable protocols and cruelty-free to boot! And, one side note - the packaging was really nice. Very user friendly! 

Happy skin, y'all! :)

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