Under the Weather Remedies

Ugh. As much as I have fought it, it looks like I have fallen to the cold that has been going around these parts lately.

What is in my arsenal of remedies today? Elderberry syrup (to support my body in working through this bug quickly), warm ginger/garlic/lemon/honey "soup," hot sage and eucalyptus baths (a handful of dried sage with a few drops of eucalyptus oil tied into a cloth under the running faucet) and loads and loads of one of my most popular posts: DIY Cough and Cold Rub. This rub is one thing we absolutely cannot do without during cold season. We make it by the truckload!

May you be well today! And if you are also under the weather, may you feel well soon! XOXO :)


  1. There's hope, Camille! I have been successfully kicking this cold's booty! Being off work right now does afford me the opportunity of taking care of myself naturally rather than taking antibiotics to get better fast so I don't want to commit suicide by having to work while being ill!! One thing I did was make a homemade "poop soup" to flush toxins-I used tons of garlic, onion, & shallots, lots of carrots & celery, 2 lemons, 1 jalapeno pepper, ginger, & cayenne pepper. I used chicken for my broth but veggie only peeps can use tomatoes for more flavor. In addition, I've been drinking tea like a mad woman, adding elderberry syrup (or local honey) & fresh squeezed lemon juice. I found one that has lemongrass, grapeseed extract, green & jasmine tea (which makes it taste delicious), alfalfa, burdock, & dandelion root. It kinda feels like "Throat Coat" going down so it's soothing... And of course, the must for all colds- SINUS IRRIGATION!! I haven't felt on top of the world or anything, but with proper rest I've been able to function normally & not feel so down... I hope you feel better soon!!

  2. I heart my neti pot. Thanks for sharing your feel-good secrets, Kris! I'm definitely going to add the peppers to the mix next time. Great idea! Be well, sister! XOXO