A. Vogel Fourteen Day Detox: Update & Inspiration

Today marks one week down of the A. Vogel Fourteen Day Detox, so I wanted to touch base with you all. Have you joined along in the detox? If so, how are you doing? Have you noticed any changes in your skin, your body, your mood or energy levels?

I have to say, I had a bumpy start to the detox, being snowed in and all. Stuck inside with the chilly temps lended itself to eating whatever wouldn’t run away from me. And the ever-repeating daily phone messages cancelling school for snow days (we had 6!) had me reaching for a few glasses of that leftover holiday wine. :/

But, when the kids returned to school and life got back to “normal” (is it ever really normal???) it was easy to get back on track. And, truly, this plan is so user friendly and flexible in that it supports you in making healthy, nourishing choices for your body, rather than depriving yourself on “cobwebs and cucumbers,” as Ali, the nutritionist behind the detox plan so perfectly put it!

So, here is what I have realistically incorporated into my whole life detox plan this past week:

  • Omitted white flour, sugar and any processed or refined foods
  • Included 4-5 extra servings of fruits and veggies (50% raw/50% cooked) per day (8-9 total)
  • Sucked down a nutrient packed smoothie, when I was in the smoothie groove
  • Focused on hydrating, mainly with herbal teas, but also filtered and coconut waters
  • Incorporated lean protein sources - fish, turkey, beans and tons of sushi
  • Attended yoga and spinning class 2 times
  • Practiced meditation to calm my monkey mind
  • Cut back social media to only 10-15 minutes a day (not counting writing this blog)
  • Luxuriated in 2 energy clearing epsom salt baths, following a good dry body brushing
  • Received an intuitive crystal reading from my friend Brandi (aka The Crystal Whisperer) to guide me in letting go of the old and letting in fresh new energy for the new year (for local folks, she does readings at Crystal Treasures and is amazing!)
  • Tried to be in bed around 10pm, although this book had me up reading a bit later a few nights
  • Spent time with positive and uplifting friends
Wow! It feels good writing that down. Progress. :)

So, what results have I seen so far? Well, after an initial ghastly breakout (which I expected after scarfing down all that holiday junk - toxins have to exit somewhere and it is often times through your skin), some bloating and a feeling of being mildly uncomfortable with life in general (all of which are normal with a detox), I can see the indulgent holiday behind me now with clearer skin, a clearer outlook ahead and a lot more energy. And I lost 2 pounds. Bonus!

What has inspired me this week (clockwise from left to right)?

A raw fennel and apple salad from my favorite raw foods blog - Rawmazing (photo by Rawmazing).

A super easy and yummy "Fresh Start" detox bath salt recipe - a Pinterest find from Energy We Bring (photo by Energy We Bring).

New, fancy dragonfly lotus yoga pants from Carouselink on etsy (photo by Carouselink).

This version of "Ong Namo" by one of my favorite artists, Snatam Kaur.

Ometepe perfume handcrafted by Ananda at Amrita Apothecary - delicious (photo by Amrita Apothecary).

As I head into week two of the detox, I am going to also begin incorporating a few supporting herbal products provided by the kind folks at A. Vogel. So stay tuned for a review on how these work out! 

Until then, Happy Detox! Be kind to yourself and breathe life in - and out - of your heart. Let me know how the beginning of 2014 is shaping up for you!


  1. Thanks so much for posting our bath salts! They are awesome and so are you! Looking forward to following you :)

  2. Hi, Francesca! I LOVE your blog and I'm so glad I found you on Pinterest! Your bath salt recipe was a little ray of light for me during this cold winter. :) Looking forward to reading more of your beautiful posts! Love & Blessings!