REDRUM!: A Seasonally Affected Sugar Scrub

I just read an article in Time Magazine that talks about how Detroit has been the U.S. city hit the hardest by this extreme winter - the harshest since 1950.

This is truly no shock to me. This has been a rough one here, folks.

I know many of you reading this do live here locally, however, some do not, and may not understand how crazy this winter has been here in Detroit. For those who do not live here, it looks and feels a little something like this:

The up side to the weather? We can re-enact scenes from The Shining in our very own homes! 

The down side? We are all REALLY re-enacting scenes from The Shining in our very own homes.

Oh, about a week ago, we have all pretty much lost any scraps of sanity we had left. Did I mention I don't remember what grass looks like or that I haven't taken my hat, scarf or socks off for the last 3 months?

This weather has taken its toll, not only on our mental states, but most definitely on our skin. Even the most devoted lotion appliers are feeling the flake and itch of lizardy bodies. 

So, today, I invite all of my seasonally affected - and non-affected - friends to treat yourself to this simple, lightly foaming sugar scrub I recently concocted in a moment of winter desperation. This can be used in place of soap in the shower. It emulsifies nicely, whisks away dead, flaky skin and leaves behind a layer of protective moisture, without stripping the skin of needed oils, like soap can.

I hope it gives your skin a bit of winter respite. I crafted it with only a few simple ingredients, since my frozen fingers could only open a few jars...

REDRUM!: A Seasonally Affected Sugar Scrub

3T organic sugar

3T carrier oil (I used olive, but you can also use coconut, sunflower or avocado)

1/2t castille soap (I used Dr. Bronner's Lavender, but you can use any scent or unscented)

4-5 drops of a mood lifting essential oil, such as peppermint, lavender or rosemary (optional)

Mix all ingredients well. Apply to damp skin in gentle circular motions, taking care to avoid sensitive areas, broken skin, irritations and the like. Rinse off with warm (not hot) water in the bath or shower, taking care as things can get a bit slippery from the oil in the scrub. Gently towel dry and slather a RICH, protective lotion to your entire bod to seal in moisture.
Although this winter has been absolutely brutal, it has also been very beautiful. I joke about it only so that I don't cry and roll up into a ball in my down comforter for the rest of the season. But, we have been truly blessed with a gorgeous, Normal Rockwell white winter with fluffy snowflakes and glittery icicles. 

AND, we no longer have to worry about shaving, so there's that...

Oh, and we have been able to build a second home...

And have TONS of time for indoor dressup...

I am so thankful for a warm home and loving people to share it with (that also let me put my cold feet on them to warm them up.) :)

How are you experiencing this weather? What gives you solace and keeps you from losing your bloody mind? 

Is the weather warm and shiny where you are? Really? Please tell me what it is like?!? ;)

Warm, wintery, wonderful wishes to you!


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