DIY Sweet Lovin': Edible Chocolate Body Paint

The loviest, doviest day of the year is nearly here. Are you ready? 

Here is a quick and easy, last-minute DIY idea to kick your swoon-fest up a notch - DIY Chocolate Body Paint!

DIY Edible Chocolate Body Paint

1 oz organic chocolate (white, milk or dark to allow for different colors, or you can even tint white chocolate with a natural food color, like India Tree)

1 t organic coconut oil (or more to get your desired consistency)

Gently melt ingredients in a glass bowl set in a warm water bath inside of another pan (the fancy word for this is a "bain-Marie" ). Stir and use while still slightly warm (but not hot - please test the temperature before painting any body parts, for goodness sake!!!). 

Alternately, you can use 1 t or more of cocoa powder in place of the chocolate. 

You can double the recipe for more paint and any extra can be stored in a covered container and rewarmed for later use. You can even use leftovers as a moisturizing and toning face mask.

Have a super-sweet, chocolatey, sticky, love filled, ooey gooey Valentine's Day!


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