VaJayJay Talk (Part III): Razzle, Dazzle...Vajazzle!

OK, so you've waxed and trimmed, you've shaped and colored (see VaJayJay Talk I & II). What else could possibly be left to adorn your "area" this Valentine's Day? Why add a little VAJAZZLE, of course! It's like bedazzling for your betty! Bling for your bush!

Vajazzling is the art of applying sparkling body crystals to your downstairs. I believe the term "vajazzle" was coined by Jennifer Love Hewitt on an Oprah show (she had the service done on herself). While vajazzling has not really taken off here in the suburbs of Detroit, I am now on a personal mission to see that it does, because how fun would that be?!?

To vajazzle yourself:

  1. Purchase body crystals in either single gems or premade crystal patterns. Swarovski crystals are the purists way to vajazzle, but regular body crystals work, too.  Crystal Body Tattoos  has a great selection of both. For our European friends, check out
  2. Make sure the area you are applying them to is smooth, free of hair and freshly cleaned with an alcohol pad (to remove any body oils and ensure a good adhesion of the crystal).
  3. When skin is clean and totally dry, apply crystals one-by-one in your desired design using tweezers for best control. Many crystals will come with adhesive already on them, but, if not, you can also dip them in a dot of eyelash adhesive before applying, allowing the adhesive to then dry thoroughly.
  4. Enjoy your vajazzle! It should last a few days without falling off as long as you are not scrubbing or picking at it. You can always reapply crystals with more eyelash adhesive to freshen up your design.
If you are looking for vajazzling inspiration, do an internet search for images. There are some really beautiful pieces of art out there. Probably not a search to do at work, though! ;)

So, that concludes our VaJayJay Talk for this Valentine's Day! It has been fun and I hope that you feel empowered to create your own uniquely lovely lotus! Until we chat again - May you have a shiny, happy VaJay!

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